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 Emel Saat is a creative writer, director, and editor living in New York City. She has worked with 58kDeniz, a bitcoin YouTube channel part-time. She has edited and managed theTiny Homes NYC's YouTube channel and is currently working on a feature script and is a Senior Journalist at Creek Comics, LLC. Doing interviews with indie horror comic book creators.

In 2020 she finished editing Broken, a documentary about homeless women in NYC. Which has been screened at Sessions by Lift-Off Global Network in 2021, New York Flash Film Festival in 2021, New York Cinematography Awards in 2021 and Like It Film Fest in 2021.

     Saat has written, directed, edited and produced Koko Ni Inai (I'm Not Here). It was her first short script. Her script was a finalist at the  Nantucket’s SHOWTIME Tony Cox Screenplay Competition in 2017. Koko Ni Inai (I'm Not Here) has won "Best Fantasy Film" at New York Movie Awards in 2020. Screened at Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival in 2021, RAGFF New York City 2021, Big Syn International Film Festival, London in 2020, New York Lift-Off Film Festival 2020, and First-Time Filmmaker Session in 2020.

     Saat has always had an interest in animation and made her first animated film Kitty City, with her sister about their cat in an unusual city. Using their artistic and imaginative talents, they drew and painted every frame by hand. They were very happy to have Kitty City screened at the 2018 Soo Film Festival. 

     Saat is inspired by the world and the possible magic hidden within people and everyday life. She believes the only way to bring out this magic is to show it through film. She cannot wait to work with wonderful people who also want to explore the world of story and imagination.




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