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My name is Emel, you pronounce it like the letters "ML." As you probably already know, I am an indie filmmaker.

Now, you clicked on the "Re-write" page. You're probably wondering what that means. Let me explain. I am currently learning Turkish. The one tip I get for learning a language is to watch shows and movies in the language you want to learn. Sounds fun right?

As a filmmaker who loves stories, I find it very hard to watch Turkish films/shows. To keep the reasons why short, there's a lot of unnecessary arguing and they have these young beautiful women falling for these old, fat, bald, or all of the above guys.

So! On here, I'll be re-writing these films/shows. Though I won't write out the whole script (some of the episodes or films can be 2-3 hours long). Instead, I'll be writing a kind of short summary of the whole film/series.

Most of the films/shows I'll be watching are on Netflix. So you can watch them, judge them, and then come on over here to see how the story could have been so much better. Plus you'll get to learn some Turkish culture!

The show I'm currently watching is Love Me As I Am. Basically, it's a college guy and girl who love each other at first sight-ish. The girl is from a lower middle-class family, and the dude is from a rich family. The guy's parents are not happy with their son's love for this random girl.

(It sounds like a Korean drama, right?) You get a couple of love triangles on the side, a waste of time goose chase, and this one random 40-50 year old college student who gets into everyone's business. The two things I like about it so far are that the girl's dad is a reasonable guy, and his brother is pretty nice.

I'll be watching some episodes while working on the re-write. It's hard to say right now how often I will be pumping out content, but keep an eye out.

Thank you for your time. See you again soon.

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