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Love Me As I Am Re-Write!

Updated: Apr 19, 2021


It turns out there are 3 seasons of this show on Netflix. I watched until episode 9 of season 1. I kept the structure somewhat the same as the show. I changed the personality of Ayshem's aunt and uncle, gave Ayshem a little more personality, took out a lot of the arguments, I made Mistik more of a character, I took Huluk and Seda's older sister out of the story, made Ayshem's friends from her town, Ayshem searching for and getting a job, and changed the way Ayshem and Omer fell in love.

Okay, let's get started. Here we go guys!

A few people get on to a large travel bus. A Dad named NIAL and daughter a named AYSHEM says their goodbyes. 10 people from the village are around them to say goodbye to Ayshem. Some of them are family (most of them are old). Two of Ayshem's friends are there. They go up to her. FAHRIYE says, "I wish we were going to the same school." REYHAN says, "She doesn't have grades like ours to go to a crummy school." Ayshem gives them a big hug. "I'll miss you both. We have to talk to each other every day, okay?" They say, "Yes," as they try not to cry. Reyhan wipes away her tears, "Try not to get lost in the city." Fahriye nods and adds, "Don't talk to creepy guys." Ayshem says goodbye to her family and acquaintances individually.

She says goodbye to a 19 year old named MISTIK. He works for her dad in a kufte restaurant. Mistik hands Ayshem a flower, "Wait for me okay?" Ayshem takes the flower and laughs, "This will be a good chance to make friends in your class." She gives him a light punch on the shoulder. He has a slight smile, "They're not as cool or pretty as you." Ayshem's Dad, Nial does a loud cough and eyes Mistik. Mistik slides away while whispering to Ayshem, "Stay away from other guys." Ayshem rolls her eyes.

Ayshem turns to her dad and gives him a big hug. He tells her to be careful of sleazy city people. He doesn't want to let go of his daughter, but the bus driver honks at them to hurry up. They let go. He tells her to say hi to his brother and sister-in-law for him, "Show them your appreciation okay?" She sadly smiles, "I will."

Ayshem gets on the bus. Her dad has a tear roll down his cheek as he waves goodbye. The bus drives off.

Nial and Mistik go back into the Kufte place. They both sigh. Mistik places a hand on the dad's shoulder, "It's not going to be the same without her." Nial looks at him, "That's right. Ayshem can't cover for you anymore. No slacking off, got it?" Mistik gives a salute to the dad, "You got it dad!" he runs into the kitchen. The Nial grumbles, "Don't call me that, boy."

Ayshem looks out the window sad, but looking forward to the next chapter in her life, "Off I go." Once the city comes into view she sits up in her chair excitedly. She looks at the bridge, the water, and buildings in awe.

She gets off the bus and does some silly stretches. Some people give her weird looks. She looks around for which way to go. Her suitcase bursts open. She panics and tries to close it. She makes sure that everything that spilled out is back in the suitcase before anyone can steal them. She takes out a couple of scarves and ties them around her suitcase to keep it close. She heads off to the bus stop.

She stands at the bus stop. Her stomach begins to grumble. She looks through her backpack and sighs, "I should have brought more snacks." She sees a sandwich stand across the street. She runs over to it with her luggage.

A little down the road OMER takes some photos of pigeons. His two friends, NEZIH and SEDA are at his car waiting for him. His friend Nezih yells at him to come back because he has to use the toilet.

The bus Ayshem is waiting for arrives. Ayshem sees it. She pays the sandwich guy. She runs with her sandwich and luggage in hand. The scarves become loose and her suitcase opens up. Her stuff spills onto the road. She yells at the bus to stop while picking up her things.

Omer sees this and rushes over to take photos of her. Ayshem ties up her bag. She turns to Omer to tell him he's being a creep and to delete the photos. He said he can't because it's on film.

Nezih yells at Omer to hurry up.

Omer asks if Ayshem if she needs help with her bag. Ayshem pulls away from him. He leaves to get his friend to a bathroom. They drive off.

Ayshem takes the bus to her uncle Ilyas's house. Her fake red-head aunt Safiye welcomes her in.

They have tea and catch up. They let Ayshem take their son's room while he's away. Sayfie fusses as she helps Ayshem unpack. Ayshem apologizes for being a burden to them. Sayfie and Ilyas are an entrepreneur household. She tells Ayshem, with a wink "I won't go easy on you until you find a way to pay rent." Ayshem says, "Rent?" Sayfie replies, "That's right. That's 815TL a month. Do what you want," she whispers, "but nothing illegal kizim." Ayshem is surprised and gives her a look of "Do you think I'm that kind of person?" Sayfie grins and leaves Ayshem's room.

The next day Ayshem goes to school orientation, where she bumps into Omer speaking to a professor about retakeing a math class. Ayshem and Omer see each other. Ayshem assumes he's stalking her. Omer thinks she's weird to assume that of him.

It turns out they both end up in the same math class. The semester goes on with Ayshem and her jumpiness at anyone who tries to talk to her, and Omer trying to explain that the people in Istanbul are not as bad as she thinks they are.

Ayshem has difficulty finding a job she likes and where she feels safe. Her uncle really wants to help her find a job but his wife says she needs to learn things on her own. At the same time, Ayshem misses her friends at home and Mistik calls her every day counting the days until he graduates high school and can go to the same college as her.

Omer and Ayshem are paired up in a group project together. They learn more about each other and soon become a little closer.

At home, Omer is babied by his mother and his father pushes him to be more independent.

He loves his parents but he uses the photography club at school as an excuse to stay out of the house. One afternoon after his parents' regular fussing, he goes to the club room to develop the photos he took of Ayshem. He chuckles to himself as he hangs it up. His two friends come in and catch him staring at the photo.

Ayshem finally finds a place to work. She cleans the restrooms and floors of a beautiful Mosque. It's the only place she feels safe and confident that only good people would come to a holy place like this.

Ayshem and Omer turn in their project to the professor. After class, they awkwardly stand outside the classroom door. Ayshem apologizes for assuming the worst of Omer. She says she now trusts him. Omer can't help but smile.

Omer enters his photo of Ayshem into a photo contest. He gets the news that he won first place. He tells Ayshem to attend the ceremony for support. She agrees to go. He gets his award and thanks Ayshem in front of everyone. She hides her face from embarrassment.

Omer and Ayshem go to a cafe afterward. A little kid is running around. The mother tells her kid to behave. Omer really wants to ask Ayshem to be his girlfriend but is nervous. Something about how the light shines around her made him propose to her instead. This catches Ayshem off guard. The little kid runs and hits his head on their table. Omer takes out the ice from his water, wraps it in a napkin, and gently puts it on the kid's forehead. He asks the kid if he's alright. The mother comes rushing in, thanks Omer, and leaves their table with the kid. Omer says, "Ouch, The poor kid." Ayshem says, "Yes." Omer is confused, "Yes to what?" "Yes, I will marry you," she smiles. Omer is speechless but very happy.

Ayshem tells her friends of the happy news. Mistik finds out about it. He takes a bus to Istanbul to break Ayshem and Omer apart. Omer somehow turns Mistik from a foe to a friend. The next step would be for Ayshem and Omer to tell their parents.

There is a lot of back and forth between the parents and Ayshem and Omer. Omer's parents expected him to marry one of his best friends Seda. Seda is devastated by the news. She tries a few times to properly tell him her feelings, but she fails. The day she finally tells him, Omer turns her down.

Ayshem's dad comes to Istanbul to switch her to a different school. Ayshem and Omer try to convince him that they really do love each other. So, Nial gives Omer some tests to see if what they say is true. Omer passes his tests and is then given his blessing.

Ayshem and Omer go to his parents to get their blessings. His parents give Ayshem some tests and she is able to pass them. They give them their blessings and the two of them are able to get married.

Through their days Ayshem and Omer continue to get to know each other and see what married life is like.


I could go on but this would take up a lot more pages. This was fun! I hope you enjoyed it as well. Keep a lookout for the next one.


Also, while watching Love Me As I Am I was rooting for Mistik to win Ayshem's heart...oh well. Here is a rare photo from the drama of the two of them in the same room.

Thank you for your time, see you again soon.

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