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About Bored Blog


My name is Emel (pronounced ML). When I was a little kid my dad would ask me, "How are you doing?" I would say, "I'm bored." My dad's eyebrows would scrunch up and he'd say, "Never say you're bored. God created this world with unlimited things to do." He made it sound like I was insulting God's creations. I'd never do that! I then asked him, "Then what should I do?" He'd reply, "I don't know, be creative."


To this day I never tell people I'm bored when I actually am. So, this is a blog of me running away from boredom, through projects and exploration. Maybe you're running around from boredom too. If so, welcome aboard. If're still welcome to join in!

What I want from Bored Blog is for you to imagine you're around a campfire with your close friends telling each other stories at 3am. Talking about the things we've been through, share some laughs and discover new things in life.


Please follow my journey as you too may learn more about this complicated thing called life, start thinking about your place in this world, figure out your goals, and have fun with it all! 


I wish I started this in college, but you can get a sense of what I was doing up to this point by clicking on this link. 

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